About USThrift Blog

May 21, 2008

Americans save less of their income than the citizens of any country in the developed world. This has profound implications for individuals as well as the evolution of our business and political climates. This blog will speak to these issues, sometimes through my own writing and sometimes through that of others. It will be written by an academic and cite a lot of academic research but it is intended to be translational in nature — not written in the often-obfuscated language of academic research. In upcoming postings we will explore practical ways to help households save more, ways that leverage a mixture of traditional economics and psychology with the emerging field of behavioral economics.  We will comment on public policy, including the upcoming Presidential elections, and do our best to tease out the implications for household savings from the myriad of proposals being floated by the candidates.  We will talk about the role of private businesses and how they can help their employees save more.  This blog takes my recently-released book, “Whatever Happened to Thrift: Why Americans Don’t Save and What to Do About It” as a starting point but extends the discussion beyond the ideas contained in those pages. It is an unapologetic attempt to reinvent thrift as a habit of the American people.

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