Zweig on Mutual Fund Fees

October 21, 2009

Here is a good article in the Wall Street Journal that talks about the need to scrutinize the fees that are assessed by mutual funds and other financial services providers.

The article quotes me, but mainly I post it because the writer (Jason Zweig) does a very good explaining how some simple psychological biases can lead to bad decision making by consumers/investors. In an age when many people are handling much of their own long-term investing decisions, the economic consequences of these biases are quite serious.


  1. My special thanks to “Mr. JASON ZWEIG” for posting such a great article. It’s so true in current economical situation. It helps a lot for the people who are thinking of investing on Mutual Funds. Infrastructure Funds and Mutual Funds were great places to invest before the recession. But now the crowd has disappeared as a result of recession. It will take shape again, but have to wait for it.

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